Loxton Physiotherapy

3rd party / Workcover

Loxton Physiotherapy Service (LPS) have developed a “Package of Care” for our WorkCover patients to provide a program which is transparent both in the treatment provided and the costs involved. The program was developed to specifically target the management of complex conditions with persistent pain but can be adapted to address more acute rehabilitation targets. As per the WorkCover Clinical Framework, the program is aimed at increasing the worker’s functional capacity and focusing on a return to suitable and sustainable employment. 

Our program provides a schedule of services developed to the needs of the individual and can consist of all or part of the following:


Initial Consultation 

  • Covers past history, work history, current work duties, risk factors, identification of any barriers to recovery regarding biopyschosocial issues and self management strategies.  

Long Consultation 

  • Baseline measures and functional capacity and progress recorded, including collaborative goal setting. Outcome measures completed accordingly for review throughout and at the completion of the program. 

Standard Consultation 

  • Interventions are applied
    - Manual therapy
    - Exercise prescription 
  • Physiotherapy review at the completion of the 6 week program 
  • Outcome measures taken and a summary provided of progress


  • Address/identify musculoskeletal weakness 
  • Normalise Function 
  • Work fitness and body conditioning 
  • Improve Endurance


Exercise program 

  • Set out by a physiotherapist 
  • Determining individual goals 
  • Self administered by you and monitored regularly by a physiotherapist

When: Times and days are flexible to suit the individual or group 

Cost: As per physiotherapy Workcover schedule of fees