Loxton Physiotherapy

General Exercise Program

General Exercise Program:

Exercise prescription is a core skill of physiotherapy. We can develop and implement exercise plans to suit the individual needs of the client using a range of resources.

At LPS we utilise a Pilates model of exercise prescription for trunk strength and conditioning as it is evidence based and targets motor control whilst allowing graduated progressions to suit individual needs.


Many back problems are related to muscle imbalances. Rehabilitation from some acute and many chronic back conditions is supported by a strong focus on regaining general trunk strength and control. At LPS we use the Pilates approach to strength and condition. This approach targets effective muscle recruitment strategies for the pelvic and shoulder girdles and emphasises segmental spinal cord control under dynamic conditions that reflect the moving body.

There is evidence Pilates can improve:

  • Gait and Balance
  • Flexibility
  • Muscle Strength and Reaction Time

Pilates based programs may be recommended as part of a therapy program.

Individual physical assessments are undertaken by the physiotherapist before they set a program tailored to address the problems identified. Physiotherapy sessions that involve exercise instruction may include other exercise models in addition to the use of the Pilates equipment. Pilates exercise sessions may then be recommended as a supervised or unsupervised plan.


If a Pilates program is recommended by the physio and supervision is required our clients are offered the support of our Allied Health Assistant (AHA) who will assist in set up of the equipment and sure you are safe while undergoing the program set by your Physiotherapist. Bookings are made through reception. This service is not covered by private health insurance.


If Pilates program has been recommended by your physiotherapist and a plan has been provided that is tailored to your needs, you may elect to attend our gym in your own time and undertake your program without supervision. Bookings need to be made at reception to ensure the gym is free.

Self-Managed Home Programs:

When using exercise as a therapy tool physiotherapist often set a home-based program of exercise. This often includes the use of resistance bands or exercise balls to replicate movements performed in the gym or movements required to develop the required strength and flexibility.


Falls & Balance

Our falls and balance exercise programs are delivered using exercise activities modified form Tai Chi.

Aqua Therapy: