The adaptability of Pilates exercises for different body types and fitness levels is one of its primary benefits. Virtually all Pilates exercises can be modified to meet the needs of the individual. Some of the main benefits are:

  • Strengthens core postural muscle, including the abdominals, back and buttocks, which is especially useful in the rehabilitation and prevention of injuries.

  • Improves & maintains posture

  • Improves & maintains pelvic floor control

  • Develops general muscle tone and a balanced body without building muscle bulk.

  • Pilates workouts can also assist in weight loss and cardiovascular/aerobics conditioning



Physio instructed mat classes available on request for those wishing to work in a group environment.  These classes have a maximum of 6 people, which ensures you receive the appropriate supervision to perform all exercises with correct technique.

Pilates ball, Pilates rings, theraband and light weights can be used in these classes for variety and fun.



The Pilates Studio sessions involve a more individual approach to Pilates, using a variety of specialised pieces of equipment.  These sessions vary from 30 – 60 mins.

On your first session our staff will ask you to complete some patient consent forms. We will also conduct a physical assessment of body alignment, posture, strength, flexibility and injury history by a physio. This allows us to design a program that is specific to your personal goals, needs and ability.

Once the evaluation is complete you will then start your introduction to the Pilates equipment including the correct breathing techniques, abdominal control and introduction to the basic equipment used. As each session progresses you will be shown more enhanced techniques on the equipment.

Your physiotherapist may also recommend you attend Pilates for injury management and integrate Pilates with your management plan to assist in restoring your functional movement, overall fitness and well being.